About Us

Top Knife Depot is a family-owned business. All of us are incredibly passionate about food, outdoors and traveling. Every product we have reflects that enthusiasm for enjoying and discovering these unique life pleasures.

After a career of 30 years as an industrial engineer, I decided to change my life and do something that would make me happy every day. That’s how I started Top Knife Depot. Why knives? Just because I love them. I love that they’re used to make food, to explore the outdoors, the way they’re crafted, the blades, the handmade handles. I started this business all by myself and later, my wife, my daughter and some friends joined the team. It’s definitely a work of love.

We offer selected kitchen knives, table knives and utensils, and professional tools that combine style and design with high performance and durability. At first, we would only offer products that we could buy. In time we realized we wanted to add our knowledge to the products. To achieve the perfect selection, we constantly review new products, test them, choose the best, make design adjustments, and then manufacture them according to our specifications. 

Our kitchen and professional products are intended for serious (or not so serious) home cooks, chefs and restaurant professionals, and culinary students.

They’re also great for people involved in catering, butchery, and food preparation businesses. We think that a good tool is one of the pillars for a delicious dish.

Our table products are for everyday dining, social gatherings, and formal celebrations. Our hope is to provide a touch of style for every dining occasion.

Most of our products are also available as corporate gifts, which can include customizing, beautiful boxes and shipping.

Our catalog includes products from European and Asian countries that have a long manufacturing tradition in the knife industry, like Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Japan, and China, among others.

We also carry a selection of sporting knives for campers, hunters, fishing, survival, rescue, and tactical, which you can find in a related store: www.artenostro.com

You can find a selection of our products through Amazon.

Currently our catalog has around 300 quality products that cover a wide variety of designs and purposes. Visit our store to see how you can improve your cooking and make people happy!

Alex Rivera